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What's Up, DOC? Social Engagement in Disasters

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Dell and American Red Cross will present a case study about their collaboration to create a social engagement center dedicated to humanitarian relief. Panelists from both Red Cross and Dell will share the strategies, best practices, challenges, and opportunities when a big organization commits to listening, connecting, digitally hugging and acting on social conversations during emergencies.
Dell set the gold standard for social engagement after Dell Hell. With their Command Center, training program, and philanthropic flair, they funded and guided the development of the Red Cross Digital Operations Center (DigiDOC). The Red Cross was looking for a way to scale up during disasters, to decipher the actionable data from everything else, and to give the public a seat at the table of diaster operations. Together, they've taken the best practices from Dell and applied them to the Red Cross mission. We'll explain how we did it and how you can join the project.


Gloria Huang Sr Social Engagement Specialist American Red Cross

Gloria is part of a three person social engagement team at American Red Cross National Headquarters. Since joining the Red Cross in late 2009, she has helped develop the social engagement strategy, using it to improve services, meet business objectives for different organizational units, and enhance reputation online. In the past year, she created the backbone for the Red Cross Digital Operations Center and social engagement training program. 

Gloria graduated from the University of Virginia in 2007 with a double major in Media Studies and Art History. She then joined crisis communications firm TMG Strategies, where she helped develop social strategy for clients like General Motors.

Her passion is in following the continuing evolution of online communities and how it affects communication, consumer behavior, social action, as well as individual human relationships.

Gloria is a self-proclaimed foodie and amateur photographer. She is easily amused by internet memes.

Maribel Sierra Social Media Svcs Dir Dell

Maribel Sierra is Director of Social Media services Group at Dell, where she is tasked to bring social business solutions to help customer's accelerate their own social journey. She had previously lead Dell’s Social Media Listening and Engagement Strategy, of which building Dell’s Social Media Listening Command Center was part of her strategy. Work that has been recognized in multiple publications like Forbes, Mashable, and ZDNet. Her work around the Command Center has won the Open Leadership award from Altimeter, Bee Awards, CeBit innovation award in Australia and others.

She has served for 11 years at Dell across multiple roles, from operations, to supply chain to call centers. She enjoys leading through Global organizations, influencing strategy and driving change.

She is passionate about empowering customers to listen and engage real time with their customers, for long lasting relationships.

Maribel has an undergrad of Industrial Engineering from Northeastern University, a Masters in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Sloan MIT.

Has been a keynote at events like: Affiliate Summit, Penn State Network of Trainers, NACCM, Socap Annual Conference, Digiday Social, Social Customer Executive Summit, among others.