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Physical Products & the New Distribution Model

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The old model of brand building and product distribution of physical goods has changed. No longer do you need to introduce via traditional media channels (commercials, trade press, long lead placements in magazines) or physical space in a showroom. As social channels become more and more efficient, creators can connect directly with their consumers in new ways. From here, commerce can occur and word-of-mouth can grow a brand quickly without tons of media spend. This conversation will showcase entrepreneurs who make physical, tangible goods yet have used the internet in novel ways -- through content, social media, and innovative new business models -- to create new, successful brands from scratch.



Abe Burmeister Co-Founder, Outlier Outlier Incorporated

Abe Burmeister in the founder and CEO of Outlier Inc. Launched in 2008, Outlier uses high tech fabrics and innovative cuts to bring traditional menswear into the world of 21st century performance. Prior to Outlier he co-founded One Infinity an award winning animation company and designed interfaces for algorithmic stock trading. Born and raised in NYC he has a BA in Anthropology from Pomona College and MPS from NYU's ITP Program.

Colin Nagy Exec Dir Earned & Social Media The Barbarian Group

Colin Nagy is Executive Director of Media at The Barbarian Group, a digital agency based in New York. He holds a BA in Politics from New York University.

David Lange Brand Mgr Cultural Engineer AIAIAI

David Lange is Brand Manager for the TMA-1 line at AIAIAI, an audio design company dedicated to developing high quality audio products for everyday use. He is responsible for all communication and marketing in both CE/MI and lifestyle segments. He is also deeply involved in setting up brand collaborations, networking and more creative work including copywriting and concept development.

Erica Cerulo Co-founder & Pres Of a Kind

Erica Cerulo is the co-founder and president of Of a Kind, a site that promotes emerging fashion designers through a combination of content and commerce. She has a B.A. from the University of Chicago—where she met her business partner Claire Mazur. Prior to launching the site, she worked as an editor at Conde Nast (Details and Lucky) for five years and is passionate about the power that editorial and curation can have in driving consumer behavior. Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times, InStyle, Good, and ReadyMade.