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Cultivating a Healthy Digital Ecology in Detroit

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The annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI convenes 2,000 artists, activists, educators, and technologists, all sharing media strategies for a more justice, creative, and collaborative world. The Allied Media Conference has cultivated a cycle of exchange between Detroit and participants from across the country, which has helped kickstart a suite of year-round strategies for digital justice in Detroit. This presentation will survey these principle-driven strategies including "DiscoTech" Discovering Technology fairs; "Detroit Future Media Workshops" teaching digital media skills and their application in education, entrepreneurship, and community organizing; and a "Detroit Future Schools" program training K-12 teachers to use digital media arts in project-based learning experiences that help students understand and shape their worlds.


Mike Medow Co-Director Allied Media Projects

Mike Medow is a Co-Director of Allied Media Projects (AMP), a non-profit organization cultivating media strategies for a more just, creative, and collaborative world. Mike began working at AMP while finishing his Political Science B.A. at University of Michigan. He led the process of bringing the annual Allied Media Conference to a new permanent home in Detroit, Michigan in 2006, and in the years following growing conference attendance to several thousand artists, technologists, community organizers, and educators from across the U.S. and beyond. Mike’s current work at AMP includes coordinating business strategy, communications and website development in support of new programs including Detroit Future Media, a digital media training program, and Detroit Future Schools, a professional development program for teachers utilizing digital media in the classroom.

Mike is the recipient of a 2012 Marshall Memorial Fellowship. He is also a founder and manager of the award-winning record label and art production company Emergence Media with hip-hop artist Invincible.