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Intentionally Dealing with Responsive Design

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RSVP Required - The strategy of responsive design has long since been accepted as the way to deal with creating web sites that appear custom-tailored to any and every device. Media queries, responsive image strategies and modern semantics have led to the rapid adoption of the ideals of dealing with every possibility simultaneously. What isn't readily apparent about this method of web development though is that the hierarchy of content often suffers as a result of the one-size-adapts-to-all strategy.
Intentional design builds upon where responsive design left off, offering clear ways of creating dynamically restructured html using a light-weight library and authoring strategy, thereby increasing the layout options and flexibility, reducing development time and lessening the necessity of media-query-driven stylesheet overrides. Determined by a device type / input method matrix, a more accurate context is used to create a backwards-compatible, scalable, flexible front-end.

The purpose of this talk is to discuss the limitations of current design philosophies and implementation strategies for multi-device-targeted products. Ideally, attendees will be in either a strategic role, defining multi-platform product development roadmaps. Alternatively, an attendee would be one who has a significant knowledge of html, css and javascript, with the intention of learning how implementations of responsive design on a large scale.

What to Bring:
Note-taking devices are always welcome and relevant. Code will be distributed via github.

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Erin Sparling Dir of Design Technology Dow Jones

Erin Sparling has been responsible for the front end strategy of Dow Jones since 2012, building upon his previous work in creating and leading the Design Technology team at the Wall Street Journal since it's inception in early 2008.

With Nicholas Hall, their work under the brand explores the intersection of networked interactions and the real world, and has been featured on most major design & technology cultural news outlets, including Gizmodo, Fast Company, Kotaku and PSFK.

In 2008, Sparling was asked to create a curriculum to educate designers in using the web as an artistic medium, for Cooper Union. Since then, he has taught a series of three classes on the fundamentals of html, css and programming, interactive design concepts, and interactive-graphic-focused api hacking.

Since 2004, Sparling's illustration work has been featured in the New York Times, Heeb Magazine and the Baltimore City Paper, as well as having work in Print Magazine and The Royal Society of Mathematics and Science. Sparling’s illustrations have also been featured on the cover of Siggraph's Computer Graphics Magazine, and the subject of a workflow case study on

Joe Kendall Lead New Platforms Dow Jones

College Football Hall of Famer; real estate agent of Cape Coral; former federal judge, Dallas attorney; retired farmer of Illinois and ceramics hobbyist; country singer-songwriter; D.C. attorney specializing in complex technology counsel; crossfit athlete; and East Yorkshire graphic designer are all Joe Kendalls featured prominently on Google. This Joe Kendall is a founder of Megazine, a magazine featuring amazing art. Made possible by the custom publishing platform, the designs are improvisational; tailored specifically to each work of art. Joe is also a teacher in the art school at The Cooper Union, helping students develop their studio practice online. He works part-time at Dow Jones, designing and implementing front-end development strategies for new projects. His current project, intention.js, is a responsive design framework that consolidates responsive design techniques into a simple HTML interface.