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The Future of a Fragmented Mobile Eco-System

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With the rise of mobile devices, especially tablets, the opportunity in mobile gaming is taking center stage. As mobile continues to heat up in the gaming industry, many believe that mobile will soon bypass the success of games on the web. The major issue for the industry is the nature of the fragmented market and the associated barriers including multiple platforms, payments and an increasingly crowded and competitive landscape. Will the marketplace continue to be fragmented or become more streamlined? Who has the potential to emerge as a unifier? How do mobile gaming companies take destiny into their own hands and provide app discovery and re-engagement for players? Historically games have proven to push the envelope and have served as an indicator for broader software development trends. Sean Kelly, VP of Mobile, will discuss the future of the mobile gaming industry and map how it has the potential to unify the entire app eco-system at large.


Sean Uberoi Kelly VP Zynga