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Drinking Your Way to the Future

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To bring about a more social experience in the workplace, we created Arnie - the world's first talking beer vending machine. Arnie is fully automated, intelligent and works on the seventeenth floor at Arnold Worldwide. He's able to recognize users, recommend beers and has his own online personality to invite employees to socialize via Facebook and Twitter.
The modern frontier of advertising and technology contains much more than websites and banners. Learn about our success story with Arnie, the rapid prototyping environment that made his creation possible and where the real opportunities are in Creative Technology.
What have you made recently? What tools help you drink your way to the future?


Anthony Stellato Dir Of Creative Technology Arnold Worldwide

Anthony is one of Arnold's most unique talents. From engineering and producing the "Cops" TV show to developing applications in C++ to building something out of electroluminescent wire, he can make just about anything. That's a great thing, since he directs our R+D Lab, responsible for designing and rapidly prototyping products, services and interactive experiences. All over Arnold's network, he is a go-to for departments in pursuit of collaboration, pushing the limits of the Agency's offering in creative uses of technology.

Anthony was an integral part of the team that concepted and engineered Arnie, a one-of-a-kind beer vending adventure, finally bringing together his two favorite things, technology and beer. If you see a quadcopter fly by, he'll be sure to follow, trying to stop it before it crashes into anything important. His first language is binary, so try to be patient while it takes him 15 minutes to say hello.