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Hack You: The Human Body Is the Next Interface

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Today's breakthroughs in “Bodytech” include a host of incredible innovations that will transform our bodies, communication, society -- even the human psyche. This provocative duo presentation, sponsored by IEEE, will address emerging “smart medicines,” medical technologies, synthetic biology, robotics and organic body part replacements. We’ll also highlight new, mobile-enabled biofeedback apps and “spray-on” micro sensors that can support stress management, memory and behaviour modification. Want to stand out in the crowd? Your next tattoo session might include subcutaneous devices that sense emotions and physical touch, and trigger social messaging in your fingers, by changing your hair color and more! A whole new range of body-embedded products are emerging, each carry deep cultural, health, moral and privacy implications. This panel will highlight these issues and discuss a future, where hacking meets the human body.



Andy Goodman Managing Dir Fjord

Ji-Hye Park Service Design Lead Fjord