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Enchanted Objects

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Good ideas are the limiting factor for tomorrow's digital devices, since designers now have an abundance of low-cost components. The problem: many ideas fail to resonate with fundamental human desires. So then how do you design great products for people in the age when anything is possible? You make “Enchanted” versions of everyday objects, imbuing familiar forms with the magic of interactivity.
Amazon gave us enchanted versions of books offering unlimited content and portability. Nest’s thermostat learns usage patterns and adjusts to save energy. Vitality’s GlowCaps are internet-connected pill-bottle caps that illuminate, play ring-tones, send text messages and automatically refill so people consistently take important medications. Sifteo Cubes are like magic dominoes, a tactile videogame platform that brings tabletop game pieces to life. Vitality CEO David Rose and Sifteo President Dave Merrill discuss the story and future of enchanted objects designed around stuff we know and love.


Dave Merrill Pres Sifteo

Co-Founder of Sifteo in San Francisco, CA. Sifteo merges physical and digital play with its award-winning interactive game system, Sifteo Cubes.

Dave is an expert in cutting-edge human-computer interaction and has developed multiple award-winning interfaces and technologies. A frequent speaker in the domains of user interface innovation, the future of play, and startups, Dave and his work have been featured at TED, MoMA, the Discovery Channel, and Wired.

David Rose CEO MIT Media Lab