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Naked Auditioning: The Art of Self Direction

#sxsw #castvoice

10 years ago, voice talent waited by the phone for auditions, drove to cattle calls at recording studios, to be recorded by an engineer, directed by a producer, followed by more waiting for a booking.
Today, casting sites like Voice123, and ACX, and the very nature of internet-based collaboration removes the waiting from that process. Casting decisions are being made in moments, not weeks.
And voice artists now find themselves auditioning at home.
Late at night.
Wearing little or no clothing.
With no one to give them adjustments, feedback, direction or cheerleading, their auditions can become cookie-cutter, listless, or fall back to familiar archetypes of announcery, generic reads that lead to frustration, not bookings.
Let's take volunteers from the audience, put them on mike, direct their performances, and give them the tools, the vocabulary and the processes that all in attendance can use to make their auditions stellar.


David H. Lawrence XVII Actor/Voice Talent Vo2GoGo