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Tech Overload, Marketing & the Age of Annoyance

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Like it or not, we live in the age of annoyance. Technology, electronic communications, gadgets, airline travel—as it all gets “easier,” it also seems to get exponentially more annoying. Annoyance is described as an unpleasant mental state that can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. Sound familiar? When was the last time you yelled at your “stupid computer,” got frustrated that your smartphone could not find a signal or de-friended someone over one too many annoying Facebook posts? As marketers, we have the difficult challenge of trying to engage buyers who are constantly distracted with status updates, tweets, daily deals, IMs, text messages, emails, etc. Having spent two years researching these issues for his book The Age of Annoyance (, Gavin will highlight some of the root causes of technological annoyances and offer ways that marketers can effectively use email and social media without frustrating the end user.


Gavin Jocius Mktg Dir Canvas On Demand

Gavin has worked in information technology, marketing, and digital communications for over fourteen years. He was the Director of Information Technology and Web Services at Duke University Alumni Affairs and the Global Marketing Manager at, an online publisher in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he helped authors sell and promote their books electronically and in print format with distribution to the iBookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Gavin is currently the Marketing Director for CafePress Properties, responsible to growing the Art Division of services including Canvas On Demand and Great Big Canvas. Gavin began his career in NYC at an electronic marketing firm, managing campaigns for Condé Nast Publication and Ziff Davis Media. Gavin holds a B.A from the University of Toronto and Master's degrees from Duke University and Sheridan College.

Finished writing a book on technology and information overload called "The Age of Annoyance: Managing our Frustrations with Information Overload." >>

Lived and worked in Japan, Canada, Germany and the United States. Originally from Toronto, but now call North Carolina home. New Dad.

Come to my SXSW 2013 Future15 Talk “Tech Overload, Marketing & the Age of Annoyance.”