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How to Find the Co-Founder of Your Dreams

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So you want to start a company--but you know it will grow so much faster if you start it out with someone else. But whom? Your college friends seem to still be in the beer-guzzling phase, and networking events haven't really led you to that "match"--the one person who really "gets" you and the company you want to build.
Where do you find your co-founder? And how do you keep that co-founder relationship from blowing up later on?
What we'll have a conversation about:
--Off-the-beaten-path ways to find a co-founder
--What tech co-founders are looking for in a business person
--What business co-founders are seeking in a tech person
--Specific strategies to help you find your "co-founder match"
--Pros and cons of co-founder relationships vs. going it alone
--How to organize your business so that you don't get screwed by your co-founder (or anyone who comes in later as an equity partner!)


Erica Douglass CEO Whoosh! Traffic

Parnell Springmeyer CTO Whoosh! Traffic

I'm a 26 year old guy that loves crossfit. I am a passionate learner and have been self-taught in mathematics, programming, and many other subjects for eight years now through books, the classics, and modern offerings.

I specialize in functional languages (Erlang and Haskell) and distributed systems. The subject area is exciting for me, and, I've used Erlang to engineer and build a distributed program that powers the core product offerring at my company, Whoosh Traffic.

I co-founded Whoosh Traffic in 2010 with Erica Douglass and am responsible for all of the technology, servers, and products. I've taken my knowledge in distributed systems and programming and applied it to our scaling problems.