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Designing for User Generated Chaos

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Chaos is inevitable in any badly designed system. With an increasing number of websites building on real world communities and user generated contributions, the importance of good layout design and quality control cannot be overlooked.

The focus of this proposed SXSW Interactive panel is to explore and highlight some of the pitfalls and solutions that are encountered when developing a website which contains user generated contributions.

The format of the panel will be case studies from various high profile websites, followed by an interactive element, exploring some of the audience’s own difficulties and suggestions.

The underlying aim of the session is to help the audience understand and get to grips with some of the challenges associated with user generated websites. As a result of attending the session, participants should be armed with effective tools and techniques to design a better user experience and information architecture.



Henrik Berggren CEO & Co-founder Readmill

tech-music-biz-nerd that loves the web. VP of Happiness at

Jan Senderek Founder & CEO Fyle

YC Alum, founder of Fyle ( and Popset ( - I am photos, music, cards, boards (water, snow and land). I eat almonds every day.

Natalie Downe Co-Founder

Nico Perez Cofounder Mixcloud

• Co-founder of Mixcloud - an award winning Internet radio startup
• Young Advisor to EU Commission Vice President Kroes on the Digital Agenda for Europe
• Mentor at The Founder Institute
• RSA Fellow
• Masters in Aeronautical Engineering from Cambridge University