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RSVP Required - General purpose web frameworks don’t usually make for great tools when trying to build fast and scalable Hypermedia APIs. What we need is a dedicated API framework -- one that natively speaks HTTP, supports iterative Test Driven Development, and yet is flexible enough to meet the demands of even the strictest adherents of the REST architecture style.

Enter, the low-level, asynchronous ruby framework that was created with the sole purpose of enabling you to build the kinds of APIs that drive the modern web. Created on top of Event Machine and Rack, Goliath has performance and concurrency baked in, all while avoiding the kinds of "callback spaghetti" usually found in asynchronous code.

This workshop will cover common API use cases such as Authentication, Versioning, Rate Limiting, and solid API design. Participants will leave with the skills they need to design, develop and deploy their own performant Hypermedia APIs that are firmly grounded in RESTful best practices.

Comfortability with the Ruby programming language. Familiarity with the HTTP protocol (verbs, headers, request/response cycle, etc). Basic understanding of how to interact with APIs (via cURL or other means)

What to Bring:
This workshop will be hands on and code intensive. You will need a laptop* with a working development environment that includes:

- Ruby 1.9.2+ (preferably installed using rbenv or rvm)
- Ruby Gems 1.8.x
- Bundler 1.2.x
- Git 1.8.x
- VirtualBox 4.2.x running Ubuntu 12.04 as a guest operating system
(This will be used to simulate a remote server that we can deploy to).

Will also need the following services installed (preferably using a package manager such as homebrew, apt-get, etc):
- MongoDB 2.2.x
- HAProxy 1.4.x

* Strongly recommend using a laptop running OS X or Linux. Instructor will not be able to provide support to windows users in meeting these prerequisites as many of the tools we'll use assume a POSIX-compliant operating system.

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Eric Marden VP of Engineering Style Seek

I ship code, products, and people. VP of Engineering at Mentor at O(1) or GTFO.

Learn how to build fast Hypermedia APIs with me at SXSW. RSVP Required: