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Make It Rain with Mobile: Turn Data into Dollars

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Of all media companies, consumers use The Weather Channel the most across all platforms - television, online and mobile. Most content producers and advertisers are begging for customer information, but TWC users automatically provide their zip code and other info to be sure they get the most accurate weather data in return. This gives the company a unique view into how local advertising has evolved over the last decade. With 30 million monthly mobile users, The Weather Channel is one of the few publishers with a large enough mobile audience to offer true hyperlocal audience targeting at scale. TWC CEO David Kenny will talk about the rise of hyperlocal and what the industry should expect next. He will detail how brands can now target beyond the ZIP code down to a city block, time of day and relevant message. He will cite mind blowing examples of how major brands like Chevy and Frito Lay are using this technology today...and how it may evolve over the next 10 years.



David Kenny Chairman & CEO The Weather Channel