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Sh#t Happens: Disasters & Tech Meet Up

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We’re bureaucrats-govies-public sector. You’re techies-geeks-start-ups. No matter what camp you’re in, we’re all into creating ideas that change the way we do things for the better. So, if you’re into developing game-changers for good, then we want to sync with you to create radical ideas that can transform how we respond to disasters—because when sh*t happens, we’re all in it together.


Alicia Johnson Resilience & Recovery Mgr San Francisco Department of Emergency Management

Alicia D. Johnson currently serves as the Resilience and Recovery Manager at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management. There she oversees the development of the Resilient SF program and long-term Community Affairs and Education. Her aim is to catalyze community to create sustainable resilience and a successful community recovery.

Ms. Johnson recently served as the Executive Director of the Salt Lake Urban Area, where she focused on implementing the “Whole Community” approach to Emergency Management and Homeland Security. She has also served as a Public Information Officer for various local Emergency Management agencies.

Ms. Johnson holds degrees in Organizational Communications, Political Science and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of Colorado. She currently resides in the San Francisco Bay area and can be reached via Twitter @UrbanAreaAlicia.