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Digital Outcasts: The New Bootstrapping

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The term “outcast” covers numerous demographic categories. It can represent the 54 million Americans currently living with a disability. It can refer to patients who live in isolation during long-term rehabilitation. It describes those living in economically disenfranchised neighborhoods. And it covers anyone who relies on a product or service for basic life functions, but are prevented access by poor design.

This presentation will detail three real world case studies of digital outcasts – members of disenfranchised populations who transformed their communities through a “grass roots” approach to technological innovation. Individual examples will include: a young man living with traumatic brain injury whose customized iPad app aids his treatment; the use of virtual reality as a form of pain distraction, and a mobile nutritional support program assisting community leaders living in urban "food desert" neighborhoods.



Kel Smith Principal Anikto LLC

Kel Smith is a longtime speaker, author and practitioner on digital innovation and health accessibility, with presentation credits spanning nearly thirty cities in six countries. He is the author of the book "Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind," to be published by Morgan Kaufmann in June 2013.