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Creativity: From a Pile of Rocks to a Work of Art

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Inspiration comes to us free of charge. But that’s just the start of the creative process. Making a work of art, launching a business or even starting a career requires a holistic mental and emotional skill set. Josh Gosfield, a fine artist, author and award winning illustrator, photographer and art director will take you through the steps of his artistic process, from inspiration to finished product. The talk will focus on a specific body of art—the acclaimed, art show about a fictional celebrity, a 60’s French pop star, Gigi Gaston the Black Flower, that the New Yorker called, “Pop history meets fan fantasy, with hilarious results,” Boing Boing described as “A painstakingly thorough archive of something that never happened,” and about which Bruce Sterling of Wired wrote, “I stand in awe.” Besides looking at a lot of cool pictures, we’ll talk about how to develop self awareness, focus, receptivity and critical thought to bring creativity to any project you are working on.



Josh Gosfield artist Mighty House of Pictures