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On Creativity, Inspiration & Doing the Work

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What do movies like 300 or Zombieland have to do with the writing life or the creative process? According to Erin Feldman of Write Right, everything. Sometimes, a writer has to kick the muse, the angel, inspiration - whatever - down a well. Other times, a writer has to take a well-aimed strike to herself or the writing itself. The creative life is not for the faint of heart. It’s for the tough ones. It’s for the ones who refuse to wait for the creative impulse or inspiration to strike. They are the ones who push against resistance. They train. They get to work. They practice, then they practice some more. They develop some rules. They welcome inspiration when it comes, but they learn to endure. They learn to work even on the days when inspiration and creativity are nowhere to be found. They have to work. They know it’s the only way to survive.


Erin Feldman Founder/Writing Coach Write Right

Erin Feldman is the founder of Write Right. She helps people - primarily business owners - tell their stories and embrace creativity. Her background is in marketing communications and creative writing. When she isn’t busy helping people tell their stories or telling her own, she writes poetry, draws, reads, and runs.