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Designing eBooks with Web Standards

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RSVP Required - Standard ebook publishing requires ramping up on knowledge about various ebook formats, and then becoming familiar with proprietary ebook publishing channels like Kindle, iBooks, etc. Wouldn't it be easier to use web standards to build ebooks, and then either serve them on the web or distribute them via mobile app stores?
If you already know and use web standards (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), ebook publishing is within your reach. Come to this session to explore frameworks and techniques that enable you to design and publish ebooks, monetize them, and distribute them to a variety of devices and platforms.

HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery). Ideally, should be HTML5/CSS3, Mobile-First web developers - at the very least need to understand how HTML tags work (and how not closing them properly really breaks things), the difference between CSS tag, id and class selectors and that you can have multiple classes on an html tag. Understanding CSS media queries and experience with Modernizr and jQuery (and even Bootstrap) is most ideal.

What to Bring:
Laptop - (if you'd like work along with instructor's examples - you can also pre-download Sigil and the Kindle Previewer tools)
- Sigil:
- Kindle Previewer:
- HTML/CSS/JS editor of their choice
- Bonus: some way to run a local PHP server (MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP - Instructor won't cover installing a local server - those who have it can work along with instructor, those who don't can do it later or and just manually create markup directly in Sigil or their own Editor)
- if you have a PHP local server you can also download the Stacey CMS:

iPads, Kindles and Nooks (of all flavors)!
- Hopefully at the end, you'll have a little something personal to open up and test out in an eReader of choice!

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Tessa Silver Sr Interactive Developer Capella University

I design and program. Online learning, mobile apps (and combining the two) are my main interests. I'm a Senior Interactive Developer for Capella University, I write for Packt Publishing and various other blogs. I also create media and apps (in my oh-so-copious spare time) via my company hyper3media LLC (pronounced: hyper-cube-media).