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Election2012 TechTeams: How Their Work Helps Yours

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Political parties are analyzing the last election because its lessons are critical to future success. But what worked and didn’t is valuable not only to politicians, but to nonprofit organizations that lead very different kinds of campaigns. In 2012, Betsy Hoover and Patrick Ruffini were on opposite political sides that revolutionized the use of digital outreach. When the campaign ended, the Joyce Foundation, a Chicago-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Great Lakes region, brought both sides together to address a knowledge gap: the need for nonprofits to access those same online insights and tools to improve communities. Too often, nonprofits struggle to use ads, online fundraising, social media, supporter lists and targeted outreach effectively. So, politics were put aside to build a digital “playbook” for nonprofits to learn cutting-edge tactics. Come share insights these tech leaders gained and put them to use to tackle your pressing challenges.


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