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A Conversation with Steve Case

To keep America's economic and innovation engine running, we must tap into the "secret sauce" that made the United States what it is today... our entrepreneurs. Reflecting on his experience building AOL into an online powerhouse, to today investing in disruptive, consumer-facing companies like Zipcar, LivingSocial and Exclusive Resorts among others, Steve Case will share his thoughts on what actions we must take to make sure America remains the world's most entrepreneurial nation.

In a conversation with Mashable editor Lance Ulanoff, Steve will explore the possibilities for a "Rise of the Rest" in US entrepreneurship, where new hotbeds of entrepreneurial activity will grow outside of Silicon Valley in cities like Washington D.C., Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Raleigh, Cleveland, Detroit and many others.

Steve will also share his thoughts on disruption - why it's essential to innovation, and what industries are ripe to be disrupted by new tools and technologies.



Lance Ulanoff Editor in Chief

Lance Ulanoff is a 25-year industry veteran and award-winning journalist. As editor in chief of Mashable, he is responsible for editorial direction and strategy. Before joining Mashable, Ulanoff was editor in chief of and senior vice president of content for Ziff Davis, where he oversaw content strategy for all Ziff Davis websites. Lance has covered technology since PCs were the size of suitcases, “on line” meant “waiting” and CPU speeds were measured in single-digit megahertz. He’s traveled the globe to report on a vast array of consumer and business technology. His long-running column on has earned him a Bronze award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors., and have all been honored under Lance’s guidance. Lance makes frequent appearances on national, international and local news programs including Fox News, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, NY1, CNN HLN, BBC, New York’s Eyewitness News, News Channel 4 and WCBS, among many others.

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