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Aaron Swartz Town Hall

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Celebrate and learn about the life and ideals of Aaron Swartz at this special SXSW Town Hall.
In addition to addressing some of the open source principles that shape his philosophies, the session will also cover ongoing efforts to change the draconian US copyright laws under which Swartz was being prosecuted. Aaron’s close friends and allies in the community will speak briefly and allow for an open discussion about his life’s work, CFAA reform, open access, and what we as a community can do together moving forward.
This session is FREE and open to the public -- no SXSW badge is required to attend.



Marvin Ammori (@ammori) is a First Amendment lawyer who has spent a decade in DC working on public policy issues such as network neutrality, copyright, and STEM education. He recently published a short book called On Internet Freedom.
Once the General Counsel of the advocacy group Free Press, he serves on the boards of Demand Progress and Fight for the Future, and on the Steering Committee of Engine Advocacy, an organization of 500 startups that advocates for pro-entrepreneurial laws.

Jennifer Lynch Attorney Electronic Frontier Foundation

Jennifer Lynch is a staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where she works on open government and privacy issues as part of EFF’s Transparency Project. Jennifer writes and speaks frequently on biometrics, government surveillance programs, domestic drones, and intelligence community misconduct. She is quoted regularly in mainstream and tech-focused media, consults with legislators on privacy-focused legislation, and has testified on the privacy implications of facial recognition before the US Senate.

Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman Founder & Exec Dir SumOfUs