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Voto Latino and National Voter Registration Day

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In 2008, at least 6 million Americans didn't vote because they missed or didn't know their voter registration deadline.

In 2012, the first-ever National Voter Registration Day set out to fix that, and in the process wound up making a national holiday. On September 25, 2012, more than 1200 partners organized almost 1000 events across the country to register voters. Voto Latino, along with a handful of other groups, helped shepherd NVRD from concept to completion.

Online, NVRD set out to take over the Internet, leveraging celebrities, media, and most importantly grassroots supporters to do what had never been done before -- help people beat their deadlines and make sure they were registered to vote.

We were successful, but there's more to be done. Join us as we dissect the first-ever NVRD, and talk about what we think it will take to make this the first of many voter registration holidays to come.



Dan McSwain

Dan is a digital strategist and communications specialist with experience in the public, private, political and non‐profit sectors. His work spans digital strategy, public relations fields, online fundraising, rapid response, and external communications.

Projects and clients include Obama for America (2008), Wikipedia, the Federal Communications Commission, American Bridge Super PAC, and Voto Latino.

McSwain was recently named to "The Digital 50: The Hottest People in Online Politics" published by Business Insider in Feb. 2013.


Jessica Reeves Director of Marketing and Parnterships Voto Latino

Jessica is currently Director of Marketing and Partnerships, managing and developing key partnerships and programs for the organization. At Voto Latino, she has worked closely with team members to develop and manage strategic programs for media, corporate, and nonprofit partners, including the first ever National Voter Registration Day.

Previously, Jessica worked in marketing and advertising at both General and Hispanic Market agencies. She has helped build award winning digital and social media campaigns for Kraft, Twix, Domino's and other multinational corporations. Jessica received her Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from Georgetown University and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology & Communications from Boston College.