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Developing Meds in Space to Save Lives on Earth

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NASA and various international space agencies have spent an estimated $100 billion on the development and construction of the ISS . The ISS was envisioned as being an on-orbit microgravity laboratory “that will make valuable products in space to improve and save lives on earth” . Astrogenetix, Inc. was formed in 2007 to commercialize on the many discoveries that were, and can be made in microgravity.

The ISS was designated as a national laboratory in 2005 opening up the research facilities of the orbiting laboratory to commercial and academic partners. This official designation enabled the Company to enter into a Space Act Agreement (SAA) with NASA in 2008 providing Astrogenetix, until 2016, with access to and from the ISS while having the right to use ISS resources, including, but not limited to, crew time, power, equipment, rack space and data downlink, for the purpose of conducting experiments in microgravity to produce commercial products here on earth.



Thomas Pickens CEO Astrotech Corporation