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OMMA: The Next Big Thing IS Not a Gadget

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Take your eyes off the bright shiny CE objects for a second and you will see that mobility is about changing consumer behaviors, not the technology. At every stage, from mobile shopping to at-home use to tweeting snarky comments about TV shows in the living room, users have been defining these platforms while marketers and media companies scramble to catch up. Our panel of some of the leading thinkers in media and marketing will follow a new generation of screen-agnostic consumer who is moving across media, using smartphones at home as much as they do “on the go”, turning the tablet into a virtual cash register and moving much of their social networking off of the Web. The consumer is “the next big thing” but where do they go next?


Mike Proulx SVP & Dir of Digital Strategy Hill Holliday

Mike Proulx has spent the last 17 years working at various digital media and high-tech companies on the agency-side, client-side, and as an entrepreneur.

At Hill Holliday, a renowned advertising agency based in Boston, Mike is a Senior Vice President and the Director of Digital Strategy where he leads a team with a focus on media integration leveraging emerging and social media for the agency’s roster of clients.

Mike’s client experience spans an extremely diverse set of vertical industries, including brands such as VH1, Warner Brothers, Columbia Tri-Star, AMC, IBM, Chili’s, CVS/pharmacy, Novartis, Cigna, Dunkin’ Donuts, Major League Baseball, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods.

A frequent speaker at industry events, Mike has been widely featured in the press including The New York Times, Fast Company, TV Guide, Forbes, BusinessWeek, Mashable, BuzzFeed, and NPR.

Mike’s passion for Web + TV convergence led him to conceive, produce, direct, and co-host the TVnext Summit which took place in early 2011, 2012, and 2013. He is the co-author of the book Social TV, published by Wiley in February of 2012 and is also the host of the social TV web series, The Pulse on Lost Remote.

Mike earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire in 1995 and his Master of Science in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College in 2002. In 2012, Mike was named the AdClub’s Media All Star.

You can follow Mike on Twitter at @McProulx or on his personal blog at

Rob Griffin EVP, Global Dir of Prod Dev Havas Media

Rob is the Global Director of Product Development at Havas Media in charge of driving the agency’s digital capabilities across the network.

He has been at Havas for almost 12 years with an early focus on search and analytics.  He now focuses more broadly on providing strategic guidance and leadership across all maturing areas of digital as well as more emerging areas like social and mobile.  He strives to balance innovation and specialization within a fully integrated agency offering.

Rob is a digital native having begun his career in 1995 after graduating from URI.  After having spent some time pimping web sites to local restaurants in Boston, he begin work with The Laredo Group, and soon found himself in agency land

Thom Kennon CMO Brabble

Post digital man on a mission: maker of human media. Mad Ave wag in a new marketing swoon ... CMO @ Brabble, Prof @ NYU - best job = zen father of 5.

Tina Unterlaender Director Mobile AKQA