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OMMA: Is Mobile Really a Branding Vehicle?

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We live in a constantly connected world, where people move seamlessly between multiple devices, and the definition of mobile is evolving beyond a set of devices. This always-on lifestyle provides an additional set of signals about user context and intent that are game-changing for marketers. Beyond "Hyperlocal" or "SoLoMo", it is really about capturing the right context and understanding what people want and need to do at different touchpoints. Google's Tim Reis, will explore how mobile can be rethought within wholly new and rich contexts, and how marketers can leverage these to make meaningful connections with their customers.


Rich Lesperance Head of Digital Wallet / Emerging Media Walgreens

Rich Lesperance leads the Digital Wallet & Rewards group for Walgreens. He’s focused on connecting online & mobile customers to their >8,000 Walgreens locations across the country. His work and passion lies in blurring the lines between social media and traditional branding, between ecommerce and in-store point of sale, and between great marketing and great web product development. After Walgreens launched its first Ecommerce division in 2008, Rich was hired to create their online marketing group from the ground up, and continues to love building new things.
Prior to Walgreens, Rich was responsible for day to day sales and operations of, and several years in marketing and merchandising roles at Dell, including running their flagship $4B/year US consumer notebook business.
Rich has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from Northwestern.