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LGBTech: Equality in Tech & Where We're Going

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Tech and interactive design is one of the most forward thinking industries, by design, and there are tons of LGBTQ who work in this industry.

Only recently have the LGBTQ in these industries begun to band together, whether that be internal company organizations like the Google Gayglers, and conventions like GaymerCon.

Our goal with this core conversation is to discuss where we've been as a LGBTQ (and allied) community so far, where we currently are and where we're moving in the future to continue to keep equality on the forefront of innovation.

We want to hear -your- stories as well as this will be an interactive discussion where we'll debate issues ranging from how the less represented members of the community are fighting for a say to general changes that we've seen across the board. We hope to expose just how large the LGBT population is in the tech world, how it effects your job and life, and how its being reflected from a business and coding perspective.


Andrew Watterson Designer Asana

Keith Kurson CEO Agoge Inc