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Tame the Beast: Architecture & Distributed Web Apps

#sxsw #bigwebapp

RSVP Required - Ambitious web applications are about more than your favorite JavaScript framework. You'll need a system of responsive, reliable and malleable components that can scale independently as your user base grows.

Over the course of this workshop we'll collaborate on a service-oriented architecture for a new web app. You'll learn the fundamentals of distributed applications, along with best practices and common gotchas when designing for growth.

At the very least you'll win the next round of buzzword bingo at the office, and just maybe you'll become Master of the Internets. It'll be fun.

At least some experience in software development.

What to Bring:
Nothing in particular.

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Jonathon Morgan Founder/Principal Good At The Internet

Jonathon is an entrepreneurial and multi-disciplinary technologist with demonstrated expertise in software architecture, engineering and leadership in building large scale web applications.

His is currently Principal Technologist with the design/build agency Bright & Shiny, and Principal and Founder of Good at the Internet, a boutique interactive consultancy.