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Why Trust Is the New Social Glue

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We know people gather around interests, circumstances and goals they share. But what role does ‘trust’ play in making an online or mobile community 'sticky'? For user experience mavens, engineers, social media innovators and anyone who cares about trusted content connection, this Meet Up is the opportunity to network, debate and collaborate with those who want to think ‘outside the box’ about how to take social and crowd-sourcing content to the next level. We want to brainstorm new ideas, test what works (and what doesn’t), establish valuable connections, collaborations and ‘win win’ partnerships – and well, just learn and have fun. It’s a chance to meet ‘game-changers’ and become a game changer! Sponsored by Newsit.


Fred J McClimans Managing Dir McClimans Group

Fred McClimans is a strategist and advisor with over 20 years experience in helping people break down and understand trends, technologies, businesses and brands.

He has worked with and advised investors, startups and Fortune 100 firms on product and go-to-market strategies.

As a technologist, he has helped develop hardware and software systems, including custom enterprise tools and social content & sharing apps.

Much of his recent work involves understanding how people interact with or interpret different aspects of technology, messaging and business/market behavior.

Fred is also an executive committee member for Intellifest, an annual conference on applied artificial intelligence and rule-based decision systems.

You can catch him online at

Melinda Wittstock CEO/Founder NewsiT LLC

Melinda Wittstock is a serial entrepreneur, social media executive, award-winning journalist and evangelist on all things mobile, social, and data-driven. She's the CEO and Founder of NewsiT, a mobile and social platform that crowd-sources content and verifies it in real time for accuracy and relevance. Her career spans the most recognizable names in news - BBC, ABC, CNBC, Times of London and more. She’s developed interactive websites and tools, driven revenue, ratings and traffic, created and sold award-winning content and efficient new models for content creation, and won awards for her print and broadcast journalism. She’s also mom to two great young kids.

‘Reinventing news’ as relevant, trustworthy, reliably accurate and collaborative is her passion–and at NewsiT she's using algorithms and innovative business processes to transform ubiquitous raw user generated content into trustworthy, actionable and valuable information.
At 22 she was breaking big stories as a business reporter and then media correspondent of the Times of London before creating and anchoring programs for BBC TV and Financial Times/CNBC Europe and later launching Capitol News Connection, an award-winning production company supplying public radio stations, TV outlets and newspapers with ‘localized’ news from Congress.

Her grandmother was the first to tell her she was “disruptive” at age 5 when she landed $100 in her first business.

You can also find her on LinkedIn
Twitter @NewsiTnews and @CNCPundit, and Facebook