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Concept to Reality: Creating Adobe Edge Reflow

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Responsive design is a rapidly evolving concept, covering a wide range of design and development techniques that vary depending on who you ask and when. In this session we will examine Adobe Edge Reflow, the first comprehensive tool to help designers to create responsive comps. We will deep dive into Adobe's process of understanding the responsive design problem space and how we find solutions with our tools. See the evolution of Reflow's features and gain an understanding of how we construct our product road map of where Reflow is heading. If you've ever wondered how Adobe software is created, want a fundamental understanding of how Reflow works or just want an understating of how to dive into the RWD pool, this is your opportunity! Sponsored by Adobe.



Alex Morris Sr Prod Mgr Adobe

Alex is a Senior Product Manager at Adobe, helping build tools for the modern web. Design and UX specialist, maker of stuff, constant tinkerer.

Jacob Surber Sr Prod Mgr HTML Design Adobe