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Rails for Designers

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RSVP Required - Learn the essential Ruby and Rails needed to transform your designs into working web applications.
Doing so will inform your design decisions, improve your ability to collaborate with back-end developers, empower you to make your ideas real, and be a lot of fun.
We'll start with a static HTML5 mockup of an app, and, step by step, bring it to life until it is dynamic, database-backed, and connected to social APIs.
If you come prepared with a mockup of one of your own ideas, we'll also help you map out how to apply your newly acquired skills to it. We assume no prior programming knowledge except for familiarity with HTML and CSS.

Familiarity with HTML and CSS is assumed. No other programming experience is necessary.

What to Bring:
Participants must bring laptops (Mac, Linux, or Windows).
In addition, try to set up the following tools:
- Ruby and Rails -
- Git -
Please also create a free GitHub account.
(Mac users, even though GitHub suggests that you "forget the terminal" and "download [their] native app instead," please follow the instructions on that page to get the command line version set up on your machine.)
- Heroku -
Please also create a free Heroku account.
- Sublime Text 2 -
Evaluation mode is full-featured, so you don't have to purchase a license yet.

To RSVP your seat for this workshop, please click on "Sign in to RSVP" in the upper right location of this page. You'll need to sign in using your SXsocial login information.


Jeff Cohen Chief Instructor The Starter League

Neal Sales-Griffin CEO The Starter League

Raghu Betina Instructor The Starter League

Raghu Betina is currently an Instructor at The Starter League in Chicago. He spent 8 years successfully building and managing companies before realizing that he lacked skills he needed to build the kind of solutions he wanted to. He dropped back in to college at the University of Chicago, and, later, enrolled as a student in The Starter League's first ever class. Learning how to code from Jeff Cohen changed the way he looks at the world, and now his sole focus is sharing that perspective with other beginners.