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How Do You Get People to Care About Your Data?

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You produce data that can help influence positive social change, but you don’t necessarily have personal stories that can illustrate those data in an easy-to-understand way. So how do you get people to care about your data? You collect and analyze valuable data for a think tank, nonprofit, university, governmental agency or pharmaceutical company, or for data journalism or information design purposes. And you know that in order to stay relevant and extend the reach of your work, you must utilize new media and data visualization tools. What works best to maintain the integrity of your data and your brand consistency? This meet up is for anyone producing or disseminating data to discuss best practices for using new media and data visualization to package and disseminate data, as well as any obstacles you may face in doing so, and trends you think might impact data-producing organizations in the near future.


Lauren Carmin Comm Guttmacher Institute

Lauren Carmin is a Senior Communications Associate at the Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan sexual and reproductive health research and public policy organization. Lauren helps design and maintain the Institute's digital and social media strategies. Since 2007, she has aided the Institute in crafting innovative ways to promote and communicate complex scientific evidence to a variety of audiences through social media outreach, data visualization and online marketing.

Lauren co-facilitated a core conversation at SXSWi 2012 on using data visualization for social change. Since it was such a positive experience, Lauren is again getting people together at SXSW with a meet up on 3/11 titled "How Do You Get People to Care About Your Data?" Check it out: