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Wireless 2.0: WiFi, MVNOs, Social & Beyond

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Wireless networking is at the heart of everything to do with Internet going forward. Smartphones, tablets, computers, e-books, machines, appliances - all rely on the abundant availability of low-cost wireless connectivity. Yet today, wireless service models are bulky and rigid, and are being challenged by the MVNO movement; wireless capacity is inferior, significantly being outpaced by wireless demand, and now being re-shaped through WiFi and social / collaborative consumption start-ups; and use of wireless is still by a more limited range of consumer devices (smartphones, tablets) and being expanded to a range of next-generation machine, appliance, and other devices by DIY hacks. This meetup will focus on bringing creative, interactive, and wireless industry leaders at SXSW together to discuss and network on how we can make all of this happen.


Boris Bogatin Managing Dir Hilltop Management