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Designing Wearable Technology & the Augmented Self

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Wear a watch, or glasses? Perhaps you run with a pedometer in your shoe, or a heart rate monitor on your chest? These are all ways we humans have started to augment our senses with wearable technology.

These technologies have one thing in common. They allow humans to augment their senses. Greater sense of time, improved hearing, passive awareness of distances, greater sight. These are all ways we are starting to shape our view of the world. With advances in data sciences, biometrics, reduction in cost and size of sensors, we have only begun.

In this meet up we are going to discuss a future of the augmented self that is both meaningful and beautiful. We think design can help us envision and craft that future.

Join us in a facilitated discussion around designing wearable technology and the augmented self. We'll be making stuff, share stories and have an awesome time.


Ahmed Riaz Principal Designer frog