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The Next Generation of Recommendation Engines

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‘If you like this, you’ll like this’ is part of everyone’s shopping vocabulary. But those kinds of algorithmic recommendations only account for a single dimension of consumer interest: similarities among products. Other ecommerce sites breathlessly report what your friends are buying, which may not be valuable information when it comes to certain products. At Eventbrite, Vipul and the Data Engineering team are creating a blended paradigm for event recommendations, rooted not only in buying history, but also in a ticket-buyer’s social connections. Because events are inherently social and reflect a buyer’s interests, these recommendations based on individual taste and personal relationships will replace weekly event newsletters and calendar wrap-ups for good. Above and beyond the sharing of events, learn how these new paradigms will completely change the way consumers and businesses interact in the future.



Vipul Sharma Dir of Data Engineering Eventbrite