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Linear narratives and static written words no longer dominate communication. New forms of communication are fundamentally changing the way interactive media producers, including game developers, engage audiences. Success at communicating through digital media is critical for self-expression and success. The arts are to digital communication what grammar and spelling are to the written word. Digital communication requires mastery of skills as old as humankind, skills learned through study of the fine arts, as well as the new skills of using technology. Digital games combine the power of arts and technology as complex eco-systems within and extending beyond the game space to involve networks of people in a variety of roles and rich interactions. Learning represents just one activity within this larger, highly engaging system. Discover how the arts build critical 21st century skills for student success in school and life.




Amy Barbee Exec Dir Texas Cultural Trust

As Executive Director of the Texas Cultural Trust, Amy oversees the operations of the Trust, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and highlight the importance of the arts in educating our children and sustaining our vibrant Texas economy. Programs of the Texas Cultural Trust include the Texas Medal of Arts Awards, Create Texas - Put Your ART Into It, Texas Women for the Arts, Founders for the Arts, and the Young Masters Scholarship program. In 2009, the 81st Texas Legislature appropriated $1 million to the Trust to develop an art and digital literacy curriculum and to research and compile best practices from across the state where the arts have successfully been used for economic development. Amy holds a B.S. in speech from Northwestern University, where she concentrated in theatre and film.

Warren Spector VP/Creative Dir Junction Point-Disney Interactive Studios