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Node.js & You: Learn to Write the Realtime Web

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RSVP Required - By now you know that Node.js is the most downloaded repository on GitHub, but you are not sure how to get started. How do you set up the servers, what's an optimal development environment, and...what exactly is the real-time web, anyway?
Node.js is fundamentally changing the way we view the infrastructure of the internet. What business disruption can you imagine when computers—and people, just "talk" without waiting for the communication to finish uploading and downloading?
This workshop is a hands-on experience with attendees learning from one of the best (and possibly, only) Node.js shops in the country (Skookum Digital Works). Over the course of two and a half short hours, attendees will learn the basics of the Node.js development and deployment environment and both create and deploy their first "Hello World" application.

This workshop is geared for intermediate/advanced JavaScript engineers who must fully be proficient in JavaScript fully, not just jQuery.

What to Bring:

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Jim Snodgrass Sr Developer Skookum Digital Works

Jim Snodgrass got into technology because he loved to analyze complex problems and break them down into actionable steps.

As one of the senior developers on the Skookum Digital Works staff (whose engineering team include security experts from large banking institutions, R&D hackers for the NSA, and database admins for the DoD), Jim Snodgrass was developing open-source applications before Git was even an idea.

Jim's experience prior to SDW includes tenure at CompuServe, application development at a large hospital chain, and prototype hacking for Palm (yeah, those things before smartphones).

He is one of the premier node.js hackers in the country and the lead developer on each node.js project that passes through Skookum Digital Works. SDW is a go-to resource for Joyent (creators of Node) and one of the few software development studios in the country with multiple, realtime web projects alive in the wild.