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Art of Akira: About the Art That Made the Anime

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For the past three years, The Art of Akira Exhibit has travelled the globe educating and entertaining fans with original cels, backgrounds and sketches from the legendary anime Akira. Exhibiting selections from the over 15,000 piece collection owned by Joe Peacock, the exhibit has been lauded the world over as the ultimate fan experience for not only Akira fans, but animation fans in general. Pixar, Warner Brothers Animation, Turner Animation, ID Software, Marvel, DC and fans across the world have raved over the exhibit.
Throughout this time, many questions have been asked & answered about the history of the film, how the film was created, how the original art came to the United States, and why it is so collectible. This panel will delve into details about the creation of the film, what makes the art so special, and give scene-by-scene analysis of the art using original cels, backgrounds and sketches from the film.


Joe Peacock Owner This Is Not Art! Productions