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Best Practices for Outsourcing & Integration

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Hold a discussion covering the benefits of using outsourced resources and how to improve going forward
• Cost savings
• Increased quality of next generation titles
• Immediate availability of resource ramp up for full production
• Sustain locally based team (without layoffs)
• Early integration of outsourcing
• Reference basics
• Communication tools
• Tracking tools
• Ensuring consistency throughout production


Sergio Rosas Art Dir Cg Bot

Sergio Rosas is president and CEO of CGbot game development studio. An offshore outsourcing studio specializing in Video Game art and mobile game development.

Prior to founding CGbot, Sergio was an outsourcing art director at Midway Games. His responsibilities included helping to set up Midway’s central outsourcing group, Designing communications tools and pipelines for outsourcing of art, training internal teams to outsource, as well as finding, vetting and training of many local and offshore art outsourcing vendors to help with Midway’s next-gen AAA titles.

Sergio brings more than 18 years game art experience to CGbot including more than six of those years as an art director creating games for companies like Midway, Ion Storm, Digital Anvil , Human Code and Origin Systems.

Sergio’s career highlights include art directing on titles including Thief Deadly Shadows, Conquest Frontier wars, and Deus Ex: Invisible War. He was also involved in the art and art outsourcing of several genre-defining products such as, Area 51: Blacksite, Freelancer, Barbie: Riding Horse, and others.

Sergio also serves as adviser at several institutions with game industry related curriculum like Texas A&M, Austin Art Institute, Instituto Technologico de Monterrey in Guadalajara.

Tom Marx Business Dev Consultant Pearl Digital Entertainment

Tom Marx is the North American Business Development presence for Pearl Digital which is an end-to-end solution provider that offers a comprehensive set of high quality and lower cost development and production services to our clients globally. Our services range from full Game Design & Development, Real-Time Art, Animation and Technical Services on a work-for-hire service basis. We specialize in Online and Console platforms as well as Social Network and handheld gaming platforms. Formerly Producer at Eidos Interactive for 10 years and Licensing, Acquisitions and Business Development for 5 years.