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Big Data Democracy: The Rise of Analytics

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You've all heard about the role of "big data" in this year's race to the White House. From Nate Silver's models to Obama's project Narwhal, the 2012 Presidential election abandoned intuition in favor of analytics - deep insights into constituent behavior that enabled the most accurate targeting and modeling yet.
In this panel, top political and technological minds will discuss how mining and analyzing "big data" helps predict - extremely accurately - the behaviors of constituents and the electorate. Who votes, who needs to vote, for which candidate, why? What makes people tick – and more importantly, what makes them act? Answers to these pivotal questions almost always lie in the data.
Our panel will focus on new trends in political data analysis. It will also look ahead, predicting how data will continue to influence the political landscape.

Sponsored by Hill + Knowlton Strategies.


Andrew Bleeker Global Digital Practice Dir H+K Strategies

Dan Wagner Chief Analytics Officer 2012 Obama Presidential Campaign

Tom Serres CEO Piryx Inc

Zac Moffatt Digital Director Mitt Romney For President