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Physical & Digital Collide: Retail Rewired

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Today's retail space has an expiration date, and it's up to digital marketing experts as well as retail space planners to help brands prepare for the future. We call it retail rewired. Time-tested concepts such as cash wraps, fitting rooms, product display and kiosks need to be more than redesigned...they need to blow up. The reason? Digital is affecting every point of the consumer decision journey. The store of the future needs to provide elite customer service in a new way. In this session we bring together a digital marketing innovator with experience working with the world's biggest brands and a seasoned retail architect to discuss how digital and physical are colliding to change the consumer in-store experience. We'll discuss how it's essential for the two disciplines to work together to guarantee success for brands. Sponsored by Resource Interactive.



Barry Bourbon Principal Gensler

Barry Bourbon’s architectural and organizational management skills have made him into a global leader in retail design. Barry blends his talents for developing motivated multi-discipline teams with a commitment to design excellence. Whether a project is multi-location, schedule-driven, or budget-conscious, Barry is effective
in a fast-paced environment and driven
by challenges.

Barry has worked on numerous high-profile projects and rollout projects with Gap, Inc. inlcuding the recent flagship on Queens Road
in Hong Kong.

Dan Shust VP Resource

As the VP of Innovation at Resource and leader of the company's ResourceLAB, Dan is responsible for finding, understanding and applying emerging media for clients in the digital space. His unique blend of creative, business and technical experience makes him a favorite among clients where he speaks about emerging technology and how it will affect their brands and the lives of consumers. He is regularly called into projects to drive big ideas for clients including Victoria’s Secret, Kohl’s, Sherwin-Williams, HP and various Procter & Gamble brands.

With a specialty in emerging media, Dan is a regular contributor to the Resource weThink Blog and has been featured in many media outlets including USA Today, BusinessWeek, Internet Retailer, Spirit Magazine, Advertising Age and E-Commerce Times. Additionally, Dan is a highly sought-after speaker, having taken the podium at Online Market World, SXSW, Internet Retailer and several Fortune 500 brand events.