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Internet of Things: The Possibilities of Data

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Imagine a developing country where a bandage not only heals a patient’s wound, but also tracks data like bacteria levels and blood pressure with a built-in sensor that can be monitored real-time by a doctor. Visits to the Dr.’s office are reduced because the patient only needs to go if readings are abnormal, saving time and money. This isn’t the premise of a new Sci-fi flick. It’s one of the many possibilities coming from the Internet of Things (IoT).

The concept of IoT isn’t new, but discussion in the tech industry has often been limited to conversations on topics like smartphones controlling thermostats and tablets controlling fridges. It’s time to look at how we can use this technology to benefit humanity. How is data being tracked to create a better world? Where does the data go? In this panel you’ll hear about some real projects in development today and what to expect in the future. Developers: There are limitless possibilities to spark your creativity in this emerging market!


Kerry Mcguire Balanza VP New Business Ventures ARM