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Death by Demographics: Killing Off Your Ad Budgets

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George W. Bush & Steven Tyler. Honey Boo Boo & Suri Cruise. What do these pairs of people have in common? Absolutely nothing. But for some reason, marketers continue to aim cookie-cutter marketing at them based on the outdated concept that people who share similar demographic traits must want the same products and services. Makes perfect sense, right? Of course every 40-yr old mom likes hazelnut coffee - send them all the same promo! What's really mystifying is that, with the amount of purchase-data available today, marketers are still throwing away millions each year doing just that. Whether it's mobile, social, online, tv or print, purchase-behavior is the key to truly getting the right message in front of the right person. If you know that "Martha-Mom-of-3" just bought 5 lbs of Hazelnut coffee, that's when it makes sense to target her with an ad for creamer, filters... and maybe a muscle relaxer. Put demographic targeting where it belongs, 6-feet-under, and long live purchase-data! Sponsored by Catalina.


Ann Zimmerman Staff Reporter The Wall Street Journal

Bonin Bough VP of Global Media & Consumer Engagement Kraft Foods

Joe Magnacca Chief Executive Officer RadioShack

Todd Morris Exec VP Mobile & Mktg CATALINA

Todd Morris heads Catalina’s innovation and leadership in the mobile commerce and mobile media space, helping retailers and brands engage the two-thirds-and-growing share of U.S. shoppers who embrace mobile technology to improve shopping convenience and choice. Morris, who joined Catalina in 2001, is also responsible for strategic positioning and marketing of Catalina’s corporate brand and growing portfolio of media solutions and services. An established marketing innovator, Morris is a pioneer of new approaches that challenge traditional methods and set new standards in ROI for Catalina clients. Morris has led marketing, consulting and research teams to develop fresh, precision brand-building strategies and programs for blue-chip CPG marketers. He has pioneered the use of consumer-driven merchandising events, portfolio loyalty programs, and other behavior-based marketing solutions that consistently outperform traditional marketing tactics by as much as 60 percent.