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How TV & the Internet Are Converging on TMZ

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I would like to talk about how to program for the convergence of the Internet and television. In 5 years both mediums will be obsolete. The box we have at home -- call it Intervision -- will service our appetite for entertainment and information, and there will be no need to distinguish between TV and online.
The challenge is to produce programming using ASSETS from TV and the Internet. We are doing that now with TMZ Live -- it's a blend of TV and online and it's already finding a cross-platform audience.
I'd like to share our experience in creating Intervision programming for the future.



Harvey Levin Exec Producer TMZ

A prominent producer, investigative reporter, and attorney, Harvey Levin serves as Executive Producer of TMZ, TMZ Live and

Harvey steers “TMZ” with the very same voice that he used to drive to unprecedented success. Dubbed “the guy who rules Hollywood” by the New York Daily News and “the man who may represent the future of celebrity journalism,” by The New York Times, Harvey has made TMZ the go-to place for everything entertainment. He has guided TMZ to become one of the fastest growing and most successful brands ever launched on the Internet, and within seven months of its debut, it became the number one entertainment news website in the world.

Harvey has received nine Emmy® Awards and numerous other local and national awards for
news and investigative reporting at the NBC and CBS affiliates in Los Angeles. He appears regularly on cable news networks and local and national programs that included stints as a guest host on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” providing commentary and analysis on a variety of topical issues. Prior to TMZ, Harvey created and served as Executive Producer for the syndicated series
“Celebrity Justice.” Prior to launching “CJ,” Levin served for 19 years as Co-Executive Producer and consultant for the television show “The People’s Court,” and he continues to host the interactive segments of the show. Levin has also served as Executive Consultant on the syndicated program “Moral Court” and Managing Editor of the syndicated program “Superior Court.” He spent more than a decade as an investigative reporter for KCBS-TV in Los Angeles and covered numerous high-profile court cases for a number of top CBS stations across the country, including affiliates in New York and Chicago.

For seven years, Levin was a legal columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Additionally, he has hosted radio talk shows for KABC-AM and KMPC-AM in Los Angeles.

Levin, a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School, began his career as a litigator at a prestigious Los Angeles law firm and has been a professor of law at three universities. He also served as a consultant for the American Bar Association and has testified before Congress on behalf of the organization.