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The Punk Rock Guide to Working

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Here comes another problem
All wrapped up in solution
It's ugly as it's strapped on
And twice as hard to get behind
Another sieve-fisted find
~ Fugazi
Once companies to get to a size where you can't all have lunch together things change. Lots of people feel that they lose control and focus as the company grows and that you end up having to follow rules not make them.
This is only as true as you choose to make it. I have started and run my own businesses and now work at Microsoft, my working day and level of fulfillment has not changed because I have not changed to adapt to the company, I have taken my own approach to success like I did at my own shop.
This talk is about how to empower anyone to make a difference in their career without changing who they are. Rules are made to be known, then you can adapt them to get what you want.



Ryan McMinn Sr Program Mgr Xbox Music

I live in sunny Seattle and spend my time riding bikes and chaperoning XBox Music.