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Let's Talk Sh#t & Safe Water

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Have we all lost our perspective with modern life? The water in our toilets is cleaner than nearly a billion have to drink and we need to do something about it. Sorry it's not about drilling more holes in the ground. It's about finding new ways to empower citizens as paying customers who demand accountability from the institutions designed to serve them.
Technology can play a key role in affecting this change. Hear what we've learned in piloting ways to connect those at the edge of web to life-saving water quality information in Haiti and how we plan to openly share everything we build so this new pointcasting system can be applied to other world problems.
You know it's not about what you do while you're here, it's about how you leave it when you're done.


Mike McCamon CCO

Mike McCamon directs technology, outreach, and online development for As Chief Community Officer he lives at the intersection of technology and marketing capable of writing python and press releases. His career includes leadership roles at Bluetooth SIG, Apple Computer, Iomega and Intel in the U.S. and Europe.