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When DIY Diets Go Digital

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DIY Diets are all the rage in the online space…tips once shared between friends are now broadcast to complete strangers online. From the Cabbage soup diet, to the Grapefruit diet, to Juicing and more, it seems anyone can post and share information about an at home weight management or cleansing plan. But just because this type of information is readily available doesn’t mean that it’s accurate or safe. During this conversation, we'll discuss the latest fad diets to hit the web, and consider the implications of this "Digital DIY Diet" movement for individuals, the health sector and beyond.


Jazmin Correa Strategist RAPP

Jazmin is a strategist at RAPP, where she has designed digital experiences for various health and weight maintenance brands, including Alli, the first FDA-approved weight-loss pill. She is also founder and editor of All The Juice In The World, the first custom juice recipe site featuring hundreds of juice recipes and juicing information. She is (currently) not on a diet.

She will be leading a Core Conversation at SXSW 2013 titled "When DIY Diets Go Digital".