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3D Fashion: Nonstop Innovation in Production & Fit

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3D technologies of all forms are evolving at a rapid pace and quickly expanding its uses in the Fashion industry. This panel will show, not just discuss, how constant advancements in 3D is revamping the world of Fashion & Retail. It all starts with printing: dresses, bikinis, shoes and a variety of metal accessories. But it also includes the design process and the 3D projection tools for perfect fit. We'll set our discussion with super-interactive demos, in which the audience will get the experience the power of 3D.


Daniel Stillman Founder Gotham Smith

Daniel co-founded Gothamsmith with three great friends. We combine the past and the future, using 3D metal printing to make objects that have a timeless quality.

Kimberly Ovitz CEO/Creative Dir

Liz Bacelar Founder Decoded Fashion

Founder of @DecodedFashion in NY & London, PR Wiz and Startup Advisor @Seedcamp.

Mary Huang CEO Continuum Fashion

Mary is co-founder of Continuum Fashion and, building the future of fashion through code, 3d design, and open user engagement.