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Brainstorming Technology First

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This talk will show you how to brainstorm new ideas, products, campaigns, and services using a technology-first approach.
In the past, you might have brainstormed using a blank canvas approach. While this can lead to good ideas, they're often not technically feasible or their scope is beyond your budget and timeline. With a technology-first approach, you start with simple tech building blocks like a tweet or an API call, embrace their constraints, and then think creatively and divergently around those parameters. The resulting ideas are interesting and fresh, but also feasible and can be prototyped quickly. In this session, you'll learn everything you need to know to brainstorm with a technology-first approach. You'll get an overview of the process and sample exercises you can use with your own team. You'll see real-world products and services that have been developed with this methodology, and you'll learn how to incorporate this into your own creative development.



Will Turnage VP, Technology & Invention R/GA

As VP of Technology & Invention, Will is accountable for global technical product innovation and digital experimentation at R/GA. With an emphasis on making and building, he works with global clients and R/GA's deep roster of in-house technology talent to build great products and help bring together the often disparate groups of marketing, brand, IT and product development.

Will has a MCS in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a BS in Broadcasting & Film from Boston University. In his spare time he builds digital cooking applications, gardens and sews Twitter-enabled clothing.