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Learning Experience Design from Superman

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A geek’s breakdown of the history of comic books and the parallels and principles to modern experience design.

From their shared roots in the 1930s and 40s, with Siegel and Shuster’s Superman ushering in a Golden Age and Chapanis and Fitts establishing the field of experience design through their efforts to redesign airplane cockpits to consider human factors through more modern milestones like Watchmen, Y: The Last Man, Dyson Vacuums and the iPhone, the two fields have helped shaped our culture.

And while Norman coined the term 'user experience' and Nielsen has educated many designers on usability, Lee, Kirby and Eisner can certainly give lessons that any experience designer can apply to their next project to make it more engaging and memorable.

Explore the worlds of the Uncanny X-Men, Spirit, Green Lantern, Zappos and to discover that while the mediums are different, the fun and design are not.



Timothy Parcell Mgr Experience Design SapientNitro

Timothy Parcell excels at crafting experiences that defy the norm.

As a Manager of Experience Design at SapientNitro Boston, he solves complex business problems and creates innovative experiences for clients including Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin-Robbins, Chrysler, and LeBron James.

Whether it’s redefining an in-store experience or providing a platform that connects fans with their favorite NBA star, he takes “regular” and turns it into “revolutionary.”

Prior to joining SapientNitro, Tim worked with Olympus, Timberland and Shout, bringing a diverse background in marketing, psychology, technology & brand strategy to the challenge of every project.

His philosophy is rooted in his lifelong love of comic books and cartoons, and believes that brands need to have flare and fun in everything they do, regardless of their industry.

A student of both the crafts of experience design and comic books, over the last 10+ years he has led both large and small scale design efforts for a number of clients with outputs that range from speeches, event and conference plans to websites, print ads, applications and environments. His work has been acknowledged with several awards for User Engagement and innovation. Meanwhile, he has continued his 20+ years of reading and collecting comics.

When he’s not working or reading, Tim can be found playing with his two daughters Keegan and Maeve or finding running around the city of Boston.